Manage your own NBA team on Android in NBA General Manager

NBA General Manager brings the excitement of basketball to a management strategy game where you'll have to lead your team to victory.

No sports fan can deny that the NBA is one of the most spectacular competitions in the world. Whether your a basketball fan or not, you’ve probably enjoyed watching LeBron James make slam dunks, or Stephen Curry making shots from a mile away. NBA General Manager is a game that provides you with all the excitement of this competition from a different perspective than you’re probably used to: leading and managing your own NBA franchise. 

NBA General Manager

Management strategy games are constantly growing in popularity thanks to the explosion of this genre on mobile devices. Touchscreen controls are perfect for moving through the menus quickly and easily. NBA General Manager belongs to the branch of sports games that takes you beyond the court. Here you have to choose the best lineup, sign players that will strengthen your franchise, and basically, take care of all the sports aspects that take place off the court.

NBA General Manager

One of the most important features of NBA General Manager is that it has official licenses from the North American competition. Trust us when we say this is a huge deal. After all, it’s not the same training the LA Lakers as it is working with a team of fake names. This commitment to realism brings the game closer to the fans: the ones who will truly enjoy managing each and every detail in this game brought to us from the studio FROM THE BENCH.

After choosing a team and completing a short tutorial that explains the basic concepts of the game, you can really spread your wings and compete against players from around the world. The interface in NBA General Manager is pretty simple, making for a comfortable experience as you browse through the different menus. It’s not the the type of management strategy game that’s going to have you reading and analyzing data endlessly: the experience is simple enough for anyone to enjoy. In just a few taps on the screen, you’ll be able to sign players, create marketing strategies and hold practices. This last one is a biggie, too, since it’s key if you want to win competitions.

NBA General Manager

NBA General Manager is an ideal game for anyone who’s looking for an excellent management strategy game. It’s a fun game that’s packed with great features: the three different competition modes ( 1v1, tournaments, and league) make for a fun time, guaranteed. It’s time to put together a competitive team and enjoy watching what happens from the comfy chair in your virtual office.

NBA General Manager

NBA General Manager for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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