The Maxthon studio, specialized the developing web browsers, has recently released MxNitro for Windows, which claims to be the fastest browser in existence, running and loading pages far more quickly than its competitors. Nevertheless, it’s not an alternative for all tastes as it foregoes a lot of extra functionalities for the sake of speed.

The browser’s first beta is, according to their launch data, some 30% faster than Google Chrome in its version 37, on top of an installation and first-time startup that’s three times faster. Maxthon’s own website confirms that resource consumption has been minimized. When you first open MxNitro and load any webpage you can see how the download time is reduced at a single glance.

MxNitro, the fastest new browser in town

Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that when loading the largest pages you hardly notice any difference between this browser and others. That said, given that it’s still in beta phase, MxNitro does as much as it promises and more.

Still, greater speed means you lose certain extra features that would slow down your browsing and which turn out to be practically all the basic settings already available and rather necessary on software of this sort, such as plugins and extensions or any kind of viewing settings. MxNitro allows for not even the most minimal detail that might reduce its speed. But this minimalism might be a plus for those users who only wish to browse and not get caught up in endless menus and custom buttons.

The only features included on MxNitro are the very basics: viewing of stacked tabs, a bookmark system to store your favorite pages, predictive search, and a back button in an important place on the upper toolbar. In short, a light browser that sacrifices many of its features to maximize its effectiveness when it comes to supplying a satisfactory browsing experience.


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