No matter how many years go by, sports games always have and always will be an in-demand genre. The selection to choose from on Android is enormous, so we’re going to try to dig deeper, beyond the most well-known titles and recommend ten free sports games for you to enjoy from your smartphone. And yes, we’ve even included a cricket game. So get ready…

Snowboard Master

Games involving jumping and shredding your way down a snowy track have always used sagas like Coolboarders and SSX as a sort of a reference. After all, these classics successfully brought the genre to 3D in past generations. Fortunately, Snowboard Master maintains this spirit, allowing us to participate in multiple events on various different tracks. [Download]

Grand Prix Story 2

Games from Kairosoft always revolve around management and strategy. Grand Prix Story has you manage all the aspects of your racing team, from improving vehicles to hiring new team members. A different way to enjoy Formula One racing. [Download]

Beach Volleyball 3D

There aren’t too many examples involving beach volleyball in the world of videogames. Beach Volleyball 3D has you throw down on the sand in pairs against different teams from around the world, while collecting coins to customize your team. [Download]

Baseball Star

It’s interesting that it’s the Japanese and not Americans who have created the best baseball videogames. Baseball Star offers enormous depth when it comes to participating in endless leagues and tournaments. Don’t let the superdeformed style turn you off. [Download]

Football revolution 2018

Believe it or not, there is actually life beyond FIFA and PES. Football Revolution goes one step further and completely changes the gameplay to become more of a decision-making game instead of a simple simulator. During the action, the game will stop just before a decisive move, making you choose between possible options to make the best play. [Download]

Ultimate Tennis Revolution

We’re definitely looking at the best game from this sport on Android, both in terms of the control system that’s adapted to touchscreens, as well as the depth of its concept. Tons of game modes, awesome graphics, and extreme ease of use. You can’t ask for much more from a game. [Download]

Golf Star

Another game that doesn’t even compare to the best digital adaptations of this specialty sport. Endless courses to complete, avatar customization options, and fantastic controls make Golf Star the best option for anyone who loves a good game of golf. [Download]

World Cricket Championship 2

Even though you may associate it with the British, nowadays, the biggest passion for the sport exists in India. Whether you’re familiar with the rules or not, World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most downloaded games for Android in Asia. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new passion. [Download]


There’s no introduction necessary for the best basketball game that’s ever existed on Android. Not only for the fantastic controls or how fun the games are, but for everything that comes with having official NBA licenses. Plus, every single year it’s updated with the latest rosters and events of the current season. [Download]

3D Pool Ball

The best thing about 3D Pool Ball isn’t its lovely three-dimensional adaptation of a typical American pool table, nor its intuitive controls – what’s really great about it is how fun the online rounds are. The game only gives you a few seconds to make your play, so you can play and finish an entire game in under 5 minutes. Just enough time for a quick round of pool. [Download]



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