Nostalgics, as we all know, like things for being retro more than for being good, and thus are likely to be thrilled to discover that Internet Archive has recently posted on its website more than 2,000 classic PC games where you can play for free directly from your web browser. Thus you can reminisce with titles like Prince of Persia, The Lost Vikings, and Wolfenstein 3D thanks to a web version of the DosBox emulator.

To start a game, you’ll need to go to its entry on the site’s library and click on the header image. After a few minutes’ wait for the emulator to load the game will start: you can run it either in the tab itself or in full screen by clicking the corresponding icon at the right part of the screen. While the emulation is gorgeous and most of the games are emulated faithfully to the original, the speed of certain titles tends to get slower in direct proportion to how close their release date was to the mid-90s.

internet archive juegos 2,300 MS-DOS games to play from your browser

It’s not the first time that Internet Archive offers games within its enormous catalogue of web content: it also offers 650 arcade games emulated with a version of MAME for browsers, as well as its TOSEC, which aims to store absolutely all the games launched on every console or personal computer (although this brings up a lot of legal issues in terms of downloading abandonware).

Nevertheless, we’ve already mentioned several times that there loads of classic MS-DOS video games out there that can be downloaded and played completely legally after having been released as freeware by their developers.



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