Video games for smartphones and tablets tend to stand out for offering instant fun in quick stints. The idea is usually to take advantage of those brief moments when you decide to play a quick round of something without having to think too much, like taking an interactive entertainment pill in small doses. And that’s precisely what MoonRabbit does: this cute arcade game offers quick rounds at a high intensity.

MoonRabbit AndroidMoonRabbit is an honest game. It doesn’t toot its own horn too much and what you have to do is clear from the get-go. In this title you have to make a cutesy bunny jump up and up from one platform to another. Your task is to tap the clear boxes, since they’re the only ones your protagonist can stand on. The game ends in one of two ways: either when you jump on a dark platform or when time runs out. So your aim is to jump over the max number of white platforms before time’s up. That’s it. Simple and fun.

This game tempts you into error whenever you look at how much time you have left. Seeing that countdown in movement will make you want to jump up as quickly as possible – and thus make it more likely to make a mistake. In the agility of your fingers lies the key to getting more and more points. That, and having enough patience not to make a mistake as to which box you select. There are just three positions to tap (left, center, and right) and the game reacts perfectly to your touches on the screen.

MoonRabbit Android

We’re looking at a very simple and addictive game – one of those titles that’s sure to suck you in for quick but intense rounds. Plus the more you play, the faster you get the ubiquitous gems that let you unlock new characters and settings. These don’t do anything to the playability but they do give the game a splash of color. In short, MoonRabbit is the game you’ve been looking for to play sporadic rounds while climbing to the highest point of the moon.

MoonRabbit for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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