Life is stressful nowadays. Societal norms and the pressure they put on us are making us increasingly likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. Although the best idea in these cases is to see a specialist, your Android can also be a big help in identifying these conditions. Luckily, there are apps like Moodpath that let you keep track of your daily moods, and make you aware of whether you should be seeing a psychologist or therapist, so you can take that first step toward getting help.


Take a breath and think about your daily state of mind

One of the great things about Moodpath is that it hard takes any time at all to responding to the questions the app provides. In just a couple minutes, the tool will have enough information to evaluate your emotional state. The idea is to answer the different questions the app asks for 15 days. For example, you’ll indicate if you slept well last night or if you feel like it’s been hard to make decisions.

After responding to each question intuitively, Moodpath invites you to put weights into a backpack according to how much these aspects affect your mood. This way, the app will get precise data in order to offer you a final report.


Moodpath generates a report based on your evolution

From the statistics section in Moodpath, you can see the evolution of your emotions and moods. The app offers information divided into one or two weeks according to the answers you’ve given the app. It’s a really useful feature to clearly see which mood is the most prevalent on a daily basis.


Moodpath also includes an alert system  that will remind you to complete the survey every day. Plus, it asks you about your regular sleep schedule so the notifications don’t bother you when you’re sleeping. If you feel like you’re suffering from the effects of depression or anxiety, this is an interesting app that will help you to identify and hopefully find a solution for your symptoms. 

Moodpath for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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