The recent surprise appearance of Monument Valley 2 has stirred up some pretty enthusiastic reactions among Android users. We’re talking about one of the most highly anticipated sequels that exists in the gaming world of smartphones and tablets, a game with spectacular visuals (that even go so far as to rival Alto’s Adventure), and that uses intelligent perspective as a means to solve its complicated puzzles. Unfortunately, this puzzle game is not available on our website because it’s a paid app. But chin up. Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of similar games that you can play for free on Android. 

alternativas monument valley featured Five free alternatives to Monument Valley 2 on Android


When you think of Ketchapp, you most likely think of simple gameplay, not a whole lot of back story, and a high level of replayability, motivating you to continue nurturing and growing your high score. Now that said, believe it or not, Skyward actually does remind us quite a bit of the breathtaking game developed by Ustwo Games. The gameplay is 100% Ketchapp, where all it takes is a tap of your finger to do absolutely everything, but the use of perspective and high-quality visuals make it a worthy alternative. [Download]

skyward screenshot Five free alternatives to Monument Valley 2 on Android


Minimalism is embraced in this outstanding puzzle game where your goal is to get a red cube to reach the end of every screen. To do this, you have to play around with perspective (not surprisingly, Escher is one of this game’s biggest influences). This game is probably one of the most complicated in terms of perspectives and angles, making it the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking for even more of a challenge than you’d find in Monument Valley 2. And guess what? There’s even a level editor, so you can get even more lost amongst its enormous catalog of puzzles. [Download]

hocus screenshot Five free alternatives to Monument Valley 2 on Android


When making comparisons with Monument Valley, the name that comes up most often is usually Mekorama. This makes sense, given that both games are perspective-based puzzle games with gorgeous visuals. We’ve already gone over this here, but it won’t hurt to say it again: Mekorama is a dazzling game that offers an endless number of screens for you to show off and improve your problem-solving skills. Plus, it offers a level editor where you can put together and share your own puzzles to give others a chance to enjoy them. [Download]

Mekorama Monument Valley

There You Go

Once again, perspective is the basic cornerstone of the gameplay in this game which has flown below the radar for a while now, but definitely deserves some love. This little gem takes you on a journey through different settings where your progress depends on how you interact with the camera and the elements in each room. It stands out for its minimalist graphics and its easter eggs which make the game a real treasure. You won’t want to pass this one up. [Download]

there you go screenshot Five free alternatives to Monument Valley 2 on Android

Path To Luma

This one is probably the simplest game on the list, but it may also be one of the most beautiful choices. Its low-poly visuals may be enough to grab your attention, but its lovely storyline is most likely what’ll keep you playing until the very end. You play a robot that has to restore the environment in different abandoned planets around the galaxy. It’s a game with educational overtones where you need to complete relatively simple puzzles in order to move on. The important thing really is the message, and we’re all ears over here. [Download]

path to luma screenshot Five free alternatives to Monument Valley 2 on Android


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