It’s been two years already since Microsoft bought Beam, a video streaming service with which they intended to compete with Twitch and YouTube Gaming. A few months ago that enterprise changed its name to Mixer and added several new features to the platform, but only now have we gotten the official Android app to broadcast your games over smartphones and tablets.

mixer feat Mixer, the Microsoft app for broadcasting gameplays online, is now out

The service is associated with your Microsoft account and hence with your Xbox details, whether on console or Windows 10 PC. Its main function is to stream what’s happening on your device screen on the Internet so anybody can see the broadcast and talk about it in an attached chat window. Plus you can simultaneously broadcast your own facial reactions using the front camera on your device.

mixer screenshots Mixer, the Microsoft app for broadcasting gameplays online, is now out

Being the hybrid system that it is, nothing stops you from viewing the broadcasts other people make from their own devices on a PC or any other device with a web browser. Plus if you start a stream from Xbox or Windows 10 you can use the Mixer app at the same time to manage the chat or stream the camera image at the same time. The possibilities are enormous.

You can share a URL associated with your channel publicly for anybody to view, even people without a Mixer account. This makes it a flexible option whose main appeal is that it’s much easier to use than Twitch, the main competitor to topple.

Mixer for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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