Nowadays, it’s easy and convenient to start learning about new subjects thanks to our smartphones. We already have a good number of apps that help us with this, but it’s always nice to find new apps to help us out like Mimo. This app focuses its efforts on helping users learn and master different programming languages in a clear and straightforward way. 


We’ve already talked about tons of apps for learning how to program, but we think that Mimo could easily be added to that list thanks to its great features. It’s sort of like Duolingo for programming, given that it lets you learn different languages (Python, Kotlin, Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Git, etc…) and also offers an attractive, user-friendly interface.


The way this app works couldn’t be simpler: you have to solve all sorts of problems to continue advancing in the lessons. These exercises are nice and varied: in some, you have to choose the right answer from a choice of possibilities, put some answers in order, select all the correct answers, etc. But what’s most important is that they’re all explained clearly and the app always gives you the reasons why an answer is right or wrong. Any user, regardless of their level of knowledge of the subject, can learn how to solve the problems by simply reading and thinking about the concepts explained in each lesson.


Mimo is a fantastic app for learning different programming languages from the comfort of your smartphone. It may not be as visually attractive as Grasshopper, but Mimo offers way more languages to add to the list of the ones you already know. It’s the perfect tool for all sorts of users, whether you have previous programming knowledge or not.

Mimo for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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