As was announced last year in March, Miitomo the official Nintendo app for Android was published in Japan. The idea is to draw smartphone users into Nintendo’s new online world via Miis and their customizable features. Even though their international release isn’t officially out yet, you can now download the app in APK format and use it on your smartphone, as it is already translated to a number of languages including English and Spanish.

Mii Miitomo photo

You don’t really have to use an official Nintendo ID email account to log in. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to give them an email address at all, but using your Nintendo ID email account will mean that you’ll get a number of extra features and points on MyNintendo where you can exchange those points for gifts. You’ll also get points on MyNintendo when purchasing new games.

Miitomo Mii editor y menu

Miitomo could easily work as a stand alone social network. When you log on, you can create your own customized Mii, choosing both their physical appearance and their personality type. These characteristics will influence how you interact with other Miis. You can add on contacts filtering them either by location or via Twitter and Facebook. Every so often each Miii asks questions about tastes and preferences that are shared with other users on a time line interface. Your achievements, pictures and updates are shown here for you and other Miis to comment and enjoy.

Sound familiar? Recently, another similar program called Tomodachi Life has been available on Nintendo 3DS. Actually, you can link both games to import your character onto Miitomo by scanning a QR code from Tomodachi if you have a Japanese Nintendo ID account. For now, these regional limitations are still in place, though they are likely to loosen up.

Miitomo tienda y preguntas

In general, Miitomo works well. While it doesn’t do too much,the overall experience is enjoyable and relaxing. It could pass for an internally developed Nintendo game, but it was actually developed outside of Nintendo by DeNa. Among other features within the game, there are virtual shops where you can exchange your coins for outfits for your Mii. There is also a picture booth mode in which you can make cards with poses, backgrounds, and stickers to your liking and share them on social media. In fact, the only part of this game that presents a challenge is the pachinko game that rewards you with coins you can use on MyNintendo. One thing is for sure, this Nintendo app is not a Freemium, so you can’t exchange your prizes for real money. You’ll just have to win by ‘socializing’.



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