Microsoft yesterday unveiled its big update for Windows to version 8.1 and today continues with more good news: The company has launched Microsoft Remote Desktop, a remote desktop app to control your computer from anywhere using either an iOS or Android phone: you just need to have installed the app on your device and the client on your desktop computer.

microsoft remote desktop

It’s true that third-party programs dedicated to remotely controlling your PC—such as Splashtop or TeamViewer—have existed for a while now, but Microsoft Remote Desktop is the official app and is free. All you have to do is configure the app and associate it with the computer that you want to control and then you can connect directly from your phone’s screen.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices—both phones and tablets. Once you have it on your phone you have to install the desktop client (available through Windows Store) on the computer, complete the app’s username, host, and IP address configurations, and then you can start using the remote desktop.


Although browsing on your computer from your phone may be a bit annoying because of the screen size, the quality of video and audio streaming being received on the device is excellent if Internet connection problems don’t get in the way. In addition, Microsoft has incorporated an on-screen keyboard with the Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Tab, and even the Windows keys in order to make full use of your PC.

A final note: you need to have the Pro version of Windows 8 to be able to install Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop on Uptodown
Android version |
iPhone version |


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