It’s already been a whole year since Microsoft completely revamped their official Android launcher, adding tools to integrate and sync functions from Windows 10 on our smartphones. Even so, it wasn’t until now that the Microsoft Launcher finally made it out of its beta phase, adding one of its latest new features: a timeline showing the activity on all the devices associated with your Microsoft account. 

microsoft edge Microsoft Launcher no longer in beta, allows syncing with PC

Microsoft Launcher offers a lot of advantages, especially if you regularly use the company’s services like Outlook, Skype, or the Office suite. As you probably know, there are tons of apps from the Microsoft family that you can already use on Android, so it doesn’t make much sense to miss this opportunity if you’re already a fan of the operating system.

microsoft launcher tutorial Microsoft Launcher no longer in beta, allows syncing with PC

The latest update of the launcher after its leap to version 5.0 includes the aforementioned events panel that lets you continue sessions from one device to another. The Edge browser already lets you share your session between devices, but now this syncing ability applies to other tools, letting you even see the latest changes in Office documents or even sync your docs in OneDrive.

microsoft launcher tutorial 2 Microsoft Launcher no longer in beta, allows syncing with PC

To enable this feature, you just have to go to the settings panel in the launcher and select the Timeline option. On the PC with Windows that you want to sync, you have to go to Settings > Privacy > Activity history and mark the option to send your history activity to Microsoft. Also, you’ll have to install the apps you want to sync and access on both devices, such as Edge, Word, OneDrive, or Skype. 

Microsoft Launcher for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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