Meteor 60 seconds! is the wackiest end-of-the-world game on Android

Meteor 60 seconds! is a fun game where you experience the last sixty seconds of life on earth. Will you try to save the world or save yourself?

A meteor is making its way straight toward the planet earth and you only have 60 seconds before the entire world comes to a end. What will you do with your last precious minute alive? That’s the idea behind Meteor 60 seconds!, an extremely fun little game that comes as a total breath of fresh air in the somewhat repetitive Android catalog.

Meteor 60 seconds!

Meteor 60 seconds! isn’t a game that’s going to go down in history. It’s a small creation, with simple graphics and basic controls. But everyone loves an underdog and we’re always ready and willing to make room for a special game with unique ideas. Meteor 60 seconds! may not be listed as one of the year’s best games, but what it does provide is a fun experience with tons of possibilities. 

Meteor 60 seconds!

If we had to define Meteor 60 seconds! in just a few words, we’d definitely say that it’s very Japanese-ish. And that’s considering it’s a Korean game. But there’s a long list of somewhat similar games that have been born in the land of the rising sun. It’s a videogame that’s packed with absurd humor and that, from the very beginning, lets you do wacky things like attack or kiss any object or person you see on the screen.

Meteor 60 seconds!

The way the game works couldn’t be simpler: you have 60 seconds to move horizontally through different locations and do the actions we’ve already mentioned. The idea is to interact with your surroundings in different ways to achieve one of the nine different endings. Yes, you have nine different conclusions to discover in the minute before the meteor hits the earth.

Meteor 60 seconds!

Meteor 60 seconds! is an incredibly original game that makes for some absurd moments. You may not have it installed for long, but at least you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy its quick fun rounds. It follows along the same lines as the excellent Life is a Game, although in this case, with a more direct and simpler idea.

Meteor 60 seconds!

Meteor 60 seconds! for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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