Games based on cookery are nothing new on Android – in fact it seems like they’ve been knocking around on smartphones and tablets almost since the beginning of time. These games all tend to be cut from the same bolt and usually involve time management as their main gameplay. Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen doesn’t break this mold, but the new title from the ever-legendary Square Enix still hits the mark with its take on the kitchen simulator.

Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen

The idea in Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen is standard for the genre: you’ve got to serve food as fast as you can to the different customers who show up at your restaurant, as if you wait too long they’ll end up annoyed and walk out. As you feed people you can upgrade your establishment and face ever more complicated challenges. We’ve seen this a zillion times and are sure to keep seeing it in the near future. But the fact that this game uses a common gameplay doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time – the opposite, in fact, given that this title from Square Enix is one of the best representatives of this genre and is excellent at everything it does.

Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen

Where Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen differs from the rest is that it whisks you into Japanese culture so you can learn to make sushi, ramen, soba noodles, and other famous dishes from Japan. This is already a different approach – which is always nice – but the best thing about the game is how nicely executed everything is. The title runs super smoothly and has outstanding graphics. Although it does have some components you can buy with real money to speed up your cooking, you can enjoy the whole game perfectly well without having to spend a dime.

Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen

Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen is a fun game that will make time fly. It may not innovate much on this rather saturated genre, but it does take it to an outstanding place. Keep an eye on the leaderboards that show up after every mission – they add a little zest of competition that always guarantees some extra fun.

Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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