There are heaps of Android games, many of which are Android puzzle games, and the lion’s share are free Android puzzle games. That’s not to say that all of them are actually any good, or even that they offer an experience that is truly worthy of your time. However, Mekorama presents users with precisely this: a evocative puzzle game easily downloaded for free and without the usual in-game advertising. In fact, its creator offers players the opportunity to pay him whatever they want. This type of initiative deserves to spread like wildfire.


Mekorama isn’t trying to hide the fact that it was inspired by Monument Valley when it comes to beating impossible geometric scenes in isometric perspective where the overall gaming experience surpasses merely defeating challenges. In this case, the creators were even more aware of making a good looking game when coming up with a little Robot whose clumsy moves governed by the laws of physics contrast sharply with the game’s tough control system where players decide where it’s headed. Factor this in along with directly interacting with scenario elements by swiping or tapping and you’ll find the core of this whole experience, which essentially builds on your character arriving to the end of each level.

When you beat one diorama, the following ones are unlocked with the added appeal of modularity for each scene. All of them are connected to a QR code. Which is why you’ll be able to scan them externally to add new challenges to your game. Why does this possibility exist? Well, because the game itself includes its own level maker where you can create and share your own maps.


It should be mentioned that the game’s author, Martin Magni is a true romantic within the world of game development who after finding his way within the industry, returned with a passion for totally free gaming distribution. If you like the game, you pay him whatever you want, and if not, players just move along to something else. At the same time, seeing the generous net profit generated by this proposal, it’s without a doubt a remarkable idea.


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