Blessed are those little religious pillboxes that your granny always used to carry around. The idea is the same, but the form has come a long way when it comes to delivering reminders to take your caplets. Medisafe is an Android app to keep track of your medication, complete with reminders and lots of other features related to your physical activity.

The basic feature of the app lets you manually add the medicines you’re taking along with their dosage amounts and frequencies. Besides the reminder in the form of a notification (which is recurrent if you don’t pay attention to it), you can assign a secondary phone number to receive another notification so that someone you live with can remind you: a very interesting feature for the hard of hearing or just generally apathetic.


You can also use MediSafe in connection with the Google Fit app, which digitally quantifies and tracks all the daily physical activity captured by your smartphone or external devices. All this data will be collected over time so you can later view stats that you can even export in Excel format.


As a complement, it also includes a doctor’s appointment reminder system, which together with the status report captured by fitness apps and the medication history lets you comprehensively track your health with a tool accessible to everybody, including your granny with her Virgin Mary pillbox.



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