Benchmarking tools have always been the territory of the PC world, but given the technological expansion of smartphones and the enormous competition that exists these days, comparisons among Android models are the order of the day. AnTuTu Benchmark is possibly the best tool for measuring the performance of your phone and contrasting the info with other devices in practically all their technical facets.


The app is divided into three basic sections. Test is the main tab in which you’ll see which device model you have and where you can start the benchmark test to obtain a series of statistical results, which will be essential for taking advantage of the Ranking section. There, you can compare each of the aspects of your smartphone with other models. Finally, in Device Info you can see all of the device’s technical specs.


The performance test is also customizable, letting you include options to evaluate how your device behaves with regards to graphics with the use of the OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0 libraries, and in addition you can tick or untick various other values. During the graphic performance test it will confirm the fps shown in a scene and number of triangles it is composed of.


After the test, you’ll get a numeric valuation and a qualification of the results obtained, clarifying whether, for instance, your device can run the latest video games or smoothly run a large number of apps at the same time.


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