SRPGs (strategy role playing games) are part of an extremely Japanese genre that was at its height around the time of the first few PlayStation consoles. This type of game is now coming back into style on mobile devices, and one of the latest great releases is Master of Eternity. It’s a spectacular RPG that mixes an anime aesthetic with fun battles between giant robots.

Master of Eternity

We have to say that we couldn’t be any happier with the incredible quantity of high quality SRPGs that have been filling the Android catalog. You might have noticed, since we’ve recently featuredĀ Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Makai Wars, a game from the Disgaea universe that recently arrived on Android. Today we’ll continue down this Japanese road with Master of Eternity and its mecha combat. Who doesn’t love watching giant mechs battle it out?

Master of Eternity

Master of Eternity puts you into the typical good vs bad conflict, although one curious element is that all of the characters in the game are female. The pixies serve as the mech pilots, and they are the key to progressing in the adventure. Plus, your relationship with them is vital to releasing their potential and discovering more about their stories. You can even get into romantic situations with them like in Dating Sims. The game does abuse the typical fanservice found in many Japanese games, but fortunately the game is much more than that.

Master of Eternity

Combat is standard for the genre: you have to win turn based battles in scenes divided into squares. On each turn you can move and attack with the characters you have dispatched on the battlefield, and the cool thing is that each mech has different abilities depending on their class: assault, bomber, support, or sniper.

Master of Eternity

Master of Eternity is an excellent game by all measures. It features a variety of characters, it’s filled with crazy dialogue, turn based PvP battles, and outstanding graphics. We hope that great new RPGs like this one continue to come out for Android devices. Don’t hesitate likeĀ Shinji and get in the mech!

Master of Eternity for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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