Joining forces, Marvel and Disney are doing a fine job at expanding their content onto smartphones. Take a look at Marvel Avengers Alliance, a combat strategy game for Android that was released in 2012. It was a complete success, and it’s sequel is promising to be nothing less. Especially given the fact that you can already download and install it onto your smartphone even though the final international release isn’t officially out yet.

The game puts you into the suit of a top executive at SHIELD. Your job is managing a team of superheroes to overcome the threats that put your city in danger. Focusing on gameplay, your ultimate objective is beating your enemies during strategic combat sequences by using three Marvel heroes and their special abilities to advance level by level. Mashing together classic storyline elements from the Marvel Universe with today’s heroes the game has a number of cameos from the Cinematic Universe and more of our favorites from the franchise.


Just like other games out there, for example Marvel Puzzle Quest, you’ll have the chance to repeat missions, participate in daily and weekly events to get exclusive deals and prizes. You can even play in an offline PvP against teams led by other players. The real hook is that as you advance, you’ll get new characters on your side to fight for your cause. Sweet things never made anyone bitter, just imagine your dream team alliance of – say Rocket Raccoon, Ms. Marvel and Daredevil.

Visuals in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 have taken a huge step forward with 3D graphics that look out-of-this-world on mid-range and higher end smartphones. Now onto specs, despite the APK taking up little more than 50Mb, as soon as you install and run it once, you’ll have to make room for a whopping 800Mb to play and enjoy this game. Even so, Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 to all effects appears to be a new hit that is sure to keep you hooked all night. Don’t worry, you can always sleep tomorrow.



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