When a few months ago we discussed MAPS.ME we mentioned that its main appeal over principal competitors like Google Maps and HERE Maps lay in the option to view maps locally with no need for an Internet connection. Now it’s added one of the few things it was missing: besides streets and points of interest, now the Android app will display info about local shops and lodgings on maps with no connection.

MAPS.ME makes use of the open platform OpenStreetMap, maintained by volunteers in its user community and constantly updated so that any service can use it freely as an alternative to the popular Google API. This means that when you download a local city map, it will include all the location data and basic info for shops, bars, and restaurants. Till now, all the info was available but you needed to be connected to the Internet to get it – but no longer.


The business info will include not just its location but also a short description and its opening hours, although that info will depend entirely on the aforementioned OpenStreetMap. Thus the amount of info you find for a particular place will depend on the level of user activity for that location.


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