We continue to be pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of the titles in – of all things – the train genre on Android. We’ve talked before about several of these games, but discovering a new gem is always worth mentioning. Today our find is Train Conductor World, a free Android game that really puts your reflexes to the test.

Train Conductor World featured Manage frenetic train traffic in Train Conductor World

The idea here is to direct freight train traffic, which might seem simple but soon you’ll discover that is definitely is not. The opposite, in fact. Your job is to get the different trains to their destinations by dragging their tracks and connecting them to where they need to go. The appeal is that they don’t chug along placidly one by one – you’ve got to manage several trains on the move to get them to their destinations and keep them from crashing, or it’s game over. Luckily you can stop the motion of the trains by tapping them.

Train Conductor World screenshot 1 Manage frenetic train traffic in Train Conductor World

Each screen is based on cities and they all have something different about them so you’re not likely to get bored. Plus it’s got an original game system: you have to get the best possible scores to get gold and buy pieces of train tracks. These pieces could be made of different materials and you use them to connect different cities on the main map. This lends a certain level of replayability to the game as often you’ll have to beat several levels to get new pieces.

Train Conductor World screenshot 2 Manage frenetic train traffic in Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World has proved a pleasant surprise thanks to how chaotic it can get and the originality of how you unlock new screens. A fun Android title with a very pretty look that adds itself to the long and growing list of train games that are perfect for smartphones and tablets.

Train Conductor World for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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