In the beginning, everyone in the world was the ‘webmaster’ of something. Later, everyone began acting as ‘Community Manager’. Now the whole world is a ‘YouTuber’ and the mass digital trends cycle has restarted all over again. It’s precisely due to this latest and boundless fashion of producing videos and trying to make money off them that YouTube has launched a new official app to let you manage your YouTube channel from your smartphone and complete tasks until now reserved to the desktop client. YouTube Creator Studio is now available for download on Android.

When you launch the application, all the YouTube channels you manage will automatically be linked based on the email address you have configured on your Android. This gives you full access to both your list of uploaded videos and the statistics for each, as well as user comments and subscription management.


The real potential in YouTube Creator Studio lies in the possibility to receive notifications on your device whenever someone comments on your videos or sends you private messages, something that becomes fundamental if your channel reaches a certain level of success.


It’s also possible to edit the information for each of the published videos and change most of their options: from the description and privacy conditions to the type of license of category it’s placed in, as well as activation or deactivation of comments and reviews.



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