Video games take you on adventures that you’d never get a chance to experience in real life. Say, you know, killing the dragon of the day, travelling to unconquered planets, or, er, managing men’s private loos… Or at least that’s what you’ve got to do in Toilet Guy, a fun, free time-management game where you have to earn money by getting visitors to do their business as fast as possible in a clean loo. No, this is not a joke.

Toilet Guy AndroidAdmit it – when you think of video games the last thing that comes to mind is managing public loos. But forget for a moment about the oddball premise that Toilet Guy starts with and focus on the formula: you’re looking at a game that manages to mix stuff from popular time-management games alongside features of the strategy manager genre. And it does it very well.


You start with a space to fill with urinals that your pee-ers can come to. Pick a specific urinal for each person to go to based on two metrics: their happiness levels, which will decrease the longer they wait, and a bar that indicates how long it will take them to do their business. The latter indicator helps you allocate pee-ers appropriately, as if lines pile up and you make people wait too long they won’t be very happy. And their happiness matters as the more content they are the better tips they’ll leave. And you’ll need all the money you can get if you want your bathrooms to be as nice as possible.

Toilet Guy AndroidMoney is useful for tons of stuff within Toilet Guy. With it you can build more space once the urinals you start out with start to get crowded, buy more loos, buy stuff to keep the people in your queues happier, and pay your janitors. You’ll need a bunch of janitors to keep the space clean since, as you can imagine, your loos tend to get a bit nasty. People who hang out in certain pubs at certain times of night will catch my drift.

Toilet Guy AndroidToilet Guy has a reasonable difficulty curve and you’ll learn all its ins and outs as you play – for instance, that there are VIP clients with specific needs, power-ups that improve your janitors’ work or keep happiness levels high, or perfect placements for the urinals so that clients don’t get mad. That said, you’ll need fast fingers to be able to manage everything perfectly. This highly original game is wayyyy more exciting than it probably sounds on paper. Who’d have thought that managing loos could be so fun?

Toilet Guy for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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