We know you’re always thinking about how to customize your smartphone. While you can completely customize the interface of an Android device by changing the launcher, thanks to tools like Muzei you can also do wonders with your desktop background, whose backgrounds you can automatically change by downloading new ones from the Internet or using random pictures from your gallery.

After you download the program, run it and then it will ask you to select between two categories: either random photos from your gallery stored on your device or automatically downloaded from one of the many additional modules from those available on Muzei. By default, it includes a dynamic gallery of famous photos, but there are add-ons to import galleries with images from NASA, National Geographic, or social platforms like Instagram or Pinterest among the many others that you can install on Muzei.

muzei screenshot 1 Make your phone look different every day with Muzei Live Wallpaper

There are additional setup options for viewing: You can also select how often you want to change the background, as well as effects for the brightness and the blur of the background. Every module has its own configuration options. Mostly, they relate to whether the new images should be downloaded only while you’re connected to a WiFi network, as well as the image resolution according to the telephone or tablet you use.

muzei screenshot 3 Make your phone look different every day with Muzei Live Wallpaper

All the images are large enough to allow slide transitions between desktops when you use a smartphone, and equally perfect for higher-capacity devices such as high-end tablets (a Nexus 10 with Muzei looks incredible!). In addition, all the new images that have been downloaded will be stored on a gallery in the internal memory in case you want to use them later.


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