Think of turn-based strategy and what usually comes to mind is the huge number of in-depth actions to carry out. Games like this tend to fill a very specific sort of niche and in general don’t stand out for their graphic power as other things usually matter more. But if these are the rules, Majestia breaks all of them, as a turn-based strategy game that’s spectacular in all respects.

Majestia Android

Majestia immerses you in a fantasy universe complete with all the historical and mythological fetishes you could imagine: you fight against other users playing characters as varied as King Arthur, Zeus, Genghis Khan, Count Dracula, and Napoleon. Sweet, right? It’d be hard to find a game with a stranger mishmash of a cast but, amazingly, it totally jives.

Majestia Android

After making it through the tutorials, you get down to the nitty-gritty. Majestia puts all its oomph into online PvP combats where you face off on a 3 x 5 board with the aim of conquering your rival’s base. To do so you’ve got to make use of your troops and spells with the trading cards you get as you move forward in the game. The idea is obviously to put together a deck to confront other players from around the world.

Your turn starts with a set number of resources that decrease as you use the cards in your hand. Majestia is quite varied and you’ll have tons of different cards available: basic combat troops (archers, spearmen, and cavalry) that all have their pros and cons, damage and healing spells, and traps you can lay on the board without your opponent realizing it. Best of all are the mythological troops – cards you can summon on their own or add to a specialized combat unit based on their attack type. The best thing about these legendary heroes is that they have special skills that can tip the game in your favor … or in someone else’s if they’re smarter about using the cards than you are.

Majestia Android

Majestia has all the goodies you’d expect from games like this – plus it boasts terrific graphics. It’s no lie when I say it’s one of the most impressive titles I’ve seen on Android, at the level of both its aesthetics and its gameplay. A game to invest many hours in its many possibilities: putting together your deck, leveling up your characters, doing challenges, and waging battle until the end. Pure and endless addiction.

Majestia for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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