Every week a new app appears that ends up igniting a small media revolution – at least until the next #trending amusement pops up. While a day or two ago it was FaceApp, today it’s MadLipza simple app to dub short video clips using a broad collection of themed templates.

madlipz screenshot 3 MadLipz: An Android app to do fun voiceovers

MadLipz is terrifically simple. Just open the app to get access to the huge catalogue of mini-videos of up to 15 seconds in length. They are organized by theme and are constantly getting new additions, as any user can upload her own clips to be included in the gallery.

madlipz screenshot 2 MadLipz: An Android app to do fun voiceovers

In terms of the dubbing itself, it’s as simple as learning the voiceover sequence and then tapping the record button to superimpose the audio. You can either keep the original background sound or replace it completely, plus add up to three simultaneous tracks in the final output. Once it’s ready, you can either save the video or share it on any of the integrated social networks on your device.

madlipz screenshot 1 MadLipz: An Android app to do fun voiceovers



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