Nowadays, we use our smartphones more for taking pictures than for making phone calls. But even if you take the perfect picture, it’s always better to edit it if you really want it to look good: adjust the lighting, colors, saturation, add a filter or two, etc. Lumii is a great option if you’re looking for a comprehensive app for editing your photos. 

Lumii is a photo editor app that offers a huge range of options. You’ll find filters for anyone who doesn’t have a clue about editing, effects to fine-tune your best shots, and even a more professional section for anyone who knows what they’re doing or for those who are interested in learning about photo editing.

Retoque fotografía Lumii, a complete and free photo editor

For small retouches

If what you need is an app that helps you with basic tasks like cropping a photo, giving it the right aspect ratio for a social network, or correcting its perspective, Lumii will help you out. You just have to choose the photo you want to fix, crop it, and upload it without any other retouches to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


Filters and effects

Lumii offers a huge variety of filters and effects to edit your original photos. Some of them are paid, requiring you to buy the Pro version to get access to all the filters. You’ll find all sorts of filters: gold-hued, colorful, light colors, black and white, etc. There’s a whole array of options to make your photos stand out with just a simple filter. If you want to take it one step further, you have effects organized into four categories, which will also give your photos a different look.


You can add light effects, sparkles, petals, include textures like dust, or even weather effects like clouds or an aurora borealis. There’s also a glitch effect to make it look like an error occurred when taking your photo, but on purpose. And one interesting option lets you select another photo from your gallery and mix it with the original, for a cool double exposure effect. You can either use two of your own photos or mix one of your photos with ones the app provides.

Lumii App

More professional options

If your photo editing know-how goes beyond filters and effects, then you’ll find Lumii even more useful. It includes several professional options for editing your photos on a more advanced level. You can change the exposition, the contrast, white balance, saturation, and color intensity. You can modify the color more specifically than with the filters thanks to the curvature, an option in Lumii that lets you enhance or soften the main colors of the photo —white, red, green, and blue— to create a perfect RGB combination. This is great if you want to ‘paint’ the photo one color or fix the color combination.


Take it one color at a time with the HSL option

One interesting and free option that Lumii offers is the HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) feature. In this option, you can edit the characteristics of each color, one by one, in order to ‘erase’ all of them except one, or to add more hues to the image or enhance one more than the rest.

Lumii HSL

It’s a feature that other photo editing apps don’t include and it’s what makes Lumii an incredibly complete tool for rounding out your photo editing capabilities, letting you show your photos off with more than a simple filter or crop.

Lumii for Android on Uptodown | Download


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