According to Google, Lost in Harmony was one of the 10 best Android games of 2016. What seems like a music game with some bits of endless runner thrown in is in fact a fantastic title with gorgeous graphics, a terrific soundtrack, and a raw, cancer-related backstory that contrasts with the dynamism and vivacity of its protagonists.

Lost in Harmony

If pressed to link the game with the world of smartphones, we’d have to call it an endless runner. Mobile gaming might well be the best place to enjoy this genre (though it’s true that it’s been done to death and originality is hard to find). That’s precisely why Lost in Harmony feels like such a burst of fresh air. This game brings together the genre motifs and deploys them with glee, but adds enough personality plus bits and bobs from other genres to create a fresh and fun experience.

Lost in Harmony

Then again, we might also call Lost in Harmony a disguised rhythm game. Though it looks and feels like an endless runner, the game moves in sync with the rhythm and you’ll notice this more and more the longer you play. Almost all obstacles you find along the way end up having a musical counterpart and you can slide from one side of the screen to the other dodging dangers that you can almost detect in advance by ear. Though I’m being careful here to say “almost” as it doesn’t always work perfectly.

Lost in Harmony

Every level you play in Lost in Harmony has two separate parts: the endless runner gameplay where you swerve around obstacles and move ahead full-steam, and the other one where you tap bubbles that appear on the screen to the rhythm of the music. This bit takes me back to fun times on the legendary Ouendan for Nintendo DS. If you mess up too often on either of these two sections you have to start the level over again, so keep your ears perked.

Lost in Harmony

Lost in Harmony is just terrific, really. I’d be lying if I said otherwise and I’m really glad I was mistaken in my “just another endless runner” prejudice. And the best thing about the title is that it seems, well, endless: besides the main story (with two difficulty modes), there’s another story starring a robot and a near-infinite universe of user-created levels based mainly on the Soundcloud catalogue. This title is a multimedia delight.

Lost in Harmony for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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