As the flame of the popular RPGs began to wane during the PS3/Xbox 360 console generation, the genre found a new place to shine on portable consoles and mobile devices. RPGs are one of the most popular types of games on these platforms and Android is one of the places where they’ve enjoyed the most success. Lord of Dice is yet another member of this huge family that has qualities to make it stand out from the rest: an original combat system that mixes cards and darts.

lord of dice featured Lord of Dice is a very original RPG that mixes cards and dice

You’ll spend most of your time in Lord of Dice on its odd board where you wage battles against enemies of all stripes. Each world to be beaten is composed of several phases that follow a similar game pattern: you’ve got a deck of cards you’ve picked ahead of time and each card will determine which moves, attacks, and attack strength you make on the map.

lord of dice screenshot 1 Lord of Dice is a very original RPG that mixes cards and diceThe cards in Lord of Dice have several different varieties to keep in mind: the number of boxes they move, the type of attacks they do (long-distance, magic, melee, etc.), the power of the card that determines the damage to be carried out, and the kind of die it has (four-, six-, ten-sided, etc.).

Most of these parameters will serve to annihilate each enemy with a single punch or to get the treasure from a certain box, but the type of die that’s noted on each card will be useful for the special battles that revolve around sheer luck: you pick three cards from your hand to face off against three enemy cards – and that’s where the dice come in, since the person who gets the most points wins the round.

lord of dice screenshot 2 Lord of Dice is a very original RPG that mixes cards and dice

Though the system might seem a bit messy, you’re likely to master it after a few rounds – shouldn’t take you long at all. Lord of Dice is a super interesting title, with a game system outside the norm, a feat that’s always deserving of a round of applause. Naturally it’s got different characters that you can level up and evolve so you can put together a terrifically powerful deck.

Lord of Dice for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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