I say “in the shadow” in the title above because Looty Dungeon doesn’t come from the same developers as Crossy Road. Although the two titles look suspiciously alike, Looty Dungeon is distributed for Android by the Yodo1 studio, which has nothing to do with Hipster Whale, fathers of the famous Crossy Road. In this case we Android users can try out this super-interesting skills game where you can explore dungeons while dodging traps and collecting treasures to get upgrades and new characters.


The idea behind Looty Dungeon is the inevitable repetition of content to the point of saturation. In each round you have three lives to advance through as many rooms as you can. Along the way, besides traps and enemies (including very hard-to-beat bosses), challenges come up to let you choose more treasures and thus get more coins. Besides upgrading your character, you can trade in the gold you collect for new characters who have their own special skills, whether it’s defending themselves, making long-distance attacks, or casting practical flight spells.

Looty Dungeon Android captura de pantalla

Unlike what happens in games from Ketchapp, in Looty Dungeon skill isn’t everything. Obviously your skills determine whether you can reach a record number of levels with the hero in question, but part of the experience depends on getting extra lives or bonus points by using real money or viewing small ads. Unlocking everything the game has to offer – which is more than a little bit of content – will require your perseverance and capacity to amass your fortune.

Looty Dungeon can be downloaded from Uptodown for free, requires Android 4.1 or higher, and takes up 52.34MB of space.

Official webpage |  http://lootydungeon.com/



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