Classic paper-and-pen roleplay and dungeon explorer board games in the style of classics like HeroQuest have a lot in common. If to these formulas you add the gameplay of those ever more popular trading card games, you get something like Loot & Legends. This free-to-play game is heir to the so-called Card Hunter, released by the same studio some three years ago for browsers and desktop computers and whose Android version has just come out.

Loot & Legends plays with the nostalgia and classic feel of Dungeons & Dragons games at home with friends. It follows in lockstop the look of the settings and cardboard figures and grid maps, while allowing you to opt for a much more elaborate aesthetic. In fact, as the game develops you’re introduced to a fantasy campaign with clear strokes of metagaming, as you alternate between exploits with your team of adventurers and crazy conversations with the evil dungeon master who leads your virtual game.


What’s different compared to the aforementioned examples is the development of the battles, as each character has a deck of cards that you randomly steal from during each round to carry out all your attacks, magic, and moves. Completing levels and finding treasure will let you improve your deck, and you can also speed up that process with in-game purchases that at no point slow down or destabilize the gaming experience.


The game says it’s only compatible with tablets (specific models like Nexus 9 or Galaxy Tab S2) but we’ve tried it on several smartphones and besides the fact that the interface looks smaller, it works perfectly on other devices like Nexus 4, Nexus 5X, and OnePlus One.


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