It’s no secret that Google saves your browsing, search, and even location histories. With regards to the latter, as of a while ago you can now view all the places you’ve visited over the past several years via your account’s privacy menu. Now the latest version of Google Maps for Android lets you consult this information crossed with other data like your Google Photos image gallery or your events stored on Google Now, turning it into a scrapbook of your life.

You don’t have to search too hard to find the new option Your timeline in the right drop-down menu, from which you can view your movements on any date during the last few years, although for that information to be available you’ll need to activate the location options on your device (in fact, it will prompt you to do so the first time you go into that section).


What’s truly surprising is when Google crisscrosses all the info it stores to display a daily timeline with the photos you’ve taken in that location and the specific event or vacation by extracting info from your emails or events on your Google Calendar. It even tells you the time you’ve been in each place or the mode of transportation you’ve used in each case. Seriously crazy.


This is a minor revision of the web version that you can access from the main configuration menu from your Google account, more precisely in Account History > Places you go. From there, besides the aforementioned places, you can view an animation of all the movements you make or check a list of your everyday haunts, including your work or office, points of reference that Google uses to enrich its personalized services. The birth of Skynet is right around the corner.



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