We’ve almost started to lose track of all of Instagram‘s endless updates with countless new features almost every week. While we recently talked about the latest updates to Instagram Stories, it’s now come time to strengthen two of its other important features: Instagram now lets you send live videos through private messages in the app. Yet another addition to the growing social network that just keeps expanding its bag of tricks.

instagram live direct featured Send live videos through Instagram private messages

It’s interesting that Instagram keeps updating the features of private messages, especially considering it recently debuted a new messaging app, Direct, for Instagram users. But here we have a new possibility to easily share our live broadcasts: all you have to do is tap the Direct button you see at the bottom of the screen. After that, you just have to choose the recipients who will receive your message and be able to watch your live video.

The good thing is that this feature doesn’t only revolve around the live videos you make yourself, but instead, you can also share any live video you’re watching. The process is the same in this case, so you don’t need to go wandering around the app to figure it out. If the account is private, only the user’s followers can see the video and you can always deactivate the option that lets other users share your live videos through Direct. That said, the recipient will only see a message saying that the video has finished once you stop the live broadcast.


Instagram Live Direct

This new feature of Instagram may seem somewhat insignificant if you compare it to other updates that they’ve released in the last few weeks. But after all, it is still a new feature that continues to breathe live into an app that just doesn’t stop growing. Currently, they’re also testing out the ability to comment directly on posts you see on your feed, as explained by Engadget. Who knows what the app will bring us in the future, but for now, you can look back at the good times and easily share your most popular posts of 2017.

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