If you’re a frequent user of Spotify’s music streaming service, you can discover lots of info about your habits via a webapp where you can see which albums and artists you’ve listened to most throughout 2014, among loads of other interesting stuff.

When you go to https://www.spotify-yearinmusic.com, the first thing you have to do is log in, whether with your username or password or via the Facebook social login. After that, by clicking on the Create your year in music button, you’ll be taken to your personal stats page. There you’ll find:

  • A graphic with the percentages of your five most-listened-to genres.
  • Top 5 lists of your favorite artists, albums, and playlists.
  • A Top 10 of your most-listened-to songs.
  • Your favorite seasonal artists, that is, who you listened to most during each of the year’s four seasons.
  • The number of hours you’ve used Spotify, on both the mobile app and the desktop version.
  • A graphic with the average number of hours you use Spotify each day of the week.
  • The option to create a playlist of your most-listened tracks.

spotify 2014 1 Find out what you listened to most on Spotify in 2014

If you want to share these stats (and aren’t too embarrassed for your friends to find out about your passion for Justin Bieber and Dolly Parton), you can do so via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Tuenti using one of the social buttons to generate a custom URL with your usage data.

In addition to all this, from the Year in Music start page, you can view Spotify’s global usage statistics on the most-heard artists in different categories, as well as the best songs and a few other barometers such as most iconic artist, the most addictive song, the most-listened-to tracks in each country, and the most viral track.

spotify 2014



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