The games published by the studio Emerald City Games have total bragging rights when it comes to awesome graphics. I mean, just look at Stormblades or Lionheart Tactics, for two examples. Lionheart: Dark Moon is their newest release (published directly by them and not an external distributor for the first time) and it’s an RPG with turn-based combats, a tried and true gameplay, and an extraordinary technical and artistic quality. It could easily be mistaken for a large-scale production from a famous studio for traditional consoles.

lionheart dark moon featured Lionheart: Dark Moon, one of the most beautiful RPGs you'll find on Android

The game has you move throughout a fantasy world with your three-character team, facing hundreds of enemies in epic combats. In these combats, you can choose both the character you want to attack and the skills you want to use. And of course, you can put together your group according to you needs. There are five related elements that determine the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

lionheart dark moon screenshot 1 Lionheart: Dark Moon, one of the most beautiful RPGs you'll find on Android

There are more than 100 characters for you to unlock through the inescapable chests rewards system, randomly generating new units that you can also strengthen if you get the character’s card a certain number of times. This is in addition to the other game modes also focused on combat, like an online arena that puts you up against other real players’ teams, and daily events with challenges that you can complete with different degrees of difficulty.

lionheart dark moon screenshot 2 Lionheart: Dark Moon, one of the most beautiful RPGs you'll find on Android

Once again, Lionheart: Dark Moon is absolutely stunning. Its 3D graphics and animations practically sweeten the gameplay to the point of being addicting for the sole fact that you’re mesmerized as you fight and win battles. Just the combat animations and character designs are good enough reasons to give this game a try. And if you’re already a fan of the genre, then really, there’s no excuse not to play.

Lionheart: Dark Moon on Uptodown [APK] | Download


  1. Except you hit a pay wall almost straight away and you can’t win one arena game unless you pay. Almost zero content as well.


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