The latest version of Linux Minx, the most popular distribution, is now available for download, and with extended support to 2019, given its basis on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (although there is also a Debian version). This update turns Linux Mint into one of the fastest, most comfortable, lightest operating systems that you can find, as well as an excellent choice for those trying out open source software for the first time.

Many of the the features are now commonplace after the launch a few weeks ago of Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr, such as the support for high resolutions (at least in the Cinnamon “flavor”desktop), the update of both the Kernel system (to the 3.13 version) and updates the included programs like LibreOffice or Firefox, as well as new customization options for the launcher.

One of the most important secret weapons of Linux Mint is that, despite being a free and open operating system, it includes proprietary software like plugins and codecs to play MP3s, DVDs or Flash content.

linux mint screenshot 1 Linux Mint 17, the most popular distribution, is now available for download

With regard to the particular features of this distribution, the system update registry has been improved with respect to previous versions to make it much more intuitive than before, and changes to the drivers manager so now you can install packages without having to be connected to the Internet. Not to mention a new look for important sections such as the language selector, the tool to select repositories as the software sources, and the welcome screen.

linux mint screenshot 2 Linux Mint 17, the most popular distribution, is now available for download

There are versions of Linux Mint for both 32 and 64 bits, and downloading the ISO images lets you both test a Live-CD version of the system and start the Windows installation. In addition, if you want to do tests or have a quick look at its features you can also virtualize it via VirtualBox.


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