Link Bubble was born at the beginning of 2014 as an interesting browser focused exclusively on its use from mobile devices. Its main appeal is that when you tap the link it doesn’t open automatically but rather remains in the background accessible via a bubble superimposed over the screen, thus avoiding having to wait for it to load and saving you a few seconds in the process. The app has recently been updated to bring all the features of the paid version to the free one.

The greatest appeal of the new features is the ability to have more than one bubble on the screen, which didn’t used to be possible. This version has also added several visual themes and a reading mode to remove images from the loaded page. You don’t need to download an alternative app, as the latest version of Link Bubble (1.6.0) already includes all these features.


Recent months have seen greater specialization in this browser to integrate much better into the your already-installed ecosystem of apps. Thus if for example you open a Twitter or Instagram link, it won’t open a browser tab, but the corresponding app. Also, taking advantage of the system to drag bubbles to any part of the screen, you’ll also have access to buttons to share the link on other apps or directly on a link or reminders service like Pocket.


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