The appearance of games like Puzzle Quests has made it easy for two completely different genres to join forces. Ever since, puzzle games and RPGs have been combined in endless ways and there are always new releases that try to put a new spin on this mix. LightSlinger Heroes is one of the most recent arrivals, but instead of using the typical Match 3 formula, it takes a different path: inspired by the classic Puzzle Bobble gameplay, LightSlinger Heroes is here to offer us a fresh and fun new experience. 

LightSlinger Heroes

The typical fantasy world kingdom is in danger and, oh, what a surprise … it’s up to you to save the world once again. The compelling thing about this scenario tends to be the gameplay above all else, and this is where LightSlinger Heroes really shines. You need to connect the balls you shoot from the bottom of the screen with the ones at the top to carry out actions that will have different effects on your enemies according to the heroes you have on your team. In other words, matching three or more blue balls will give you a shield to protect yourself, the red ones let you attack your enemies, the green will heal you and fill your health bar, and the yellow ones will do electric damage.

LightSlinger Heroes

The idea in LightSlinger Heroes is, as usual in this type of game, to clear each of the screens packed full of enemies. After getting rid of some of them, you’ll have to face a boss. The traits of this boss will range from taking up most of the upper part of the screen to having a big and full health bar. Luckily, on your side you have the abilities of each of the heroes on your team. When you manage to match a minimum number of colored balls, you can shoot your special ability, which tends to be essential in these types of clashes. And here’s where the cool part comes in: you get to recruit different characters for your adventures. The RPG component really shines here, letting you level up your characters, equip them with different objects, etc. to make them more powerful.

LightSlinger Heroes

LightSlinger Heroes is an incredibly interesting combination of genres that offers a really impressive artistic design. It may be said that it’s a bit repetitive but the different combinations of heroes are just another incentive to keep playing until the end. Not to mention, you can compete against other players on the leaderboards, adding an extra competitive component that’s always a nice touch in these types of games. Best of all, you can already download the app from our website without any geographic limitation whatsoever.

LightSlinger Heroes for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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