For a few years now, it’s been the norm to find articles and videos online that “enlighten” us with useful tips and tricks to help make our daily life just a little bit easier. These so-called “Life Hacks” are everywhere nowadays and the Android ecosystem is no exception. Now, we’re not complaining, but the truth is that there’s been a sort of overabundance of life hacks floating around that quite possibly makes these little tips lose their merit. However, Life Hacks by Crumblyy is an app that’s put together a huge bag of tricks for your daily life and offers them to you in an elegant package for you to enjoy.

Life Hacks Crumblyy

In the app you’ll find a handful of categories offering a ton of new grandmother-type pieces of advice related to money, food, health, technology … even tips for your relationships or when you’re ready to party hard. The enormous number of tips is constantly growing thanks to the developers who continue adding “Life Hacks” from time to time. If you ever actually manage to read them all (which would take you a really, really long time), you can always tap the “NEW” button in the lower part of the screen to discover the latest hacks that have been added.

Life Hacks Crumblyy

There are plenty of apps like Life Hacks available for Android, but we’ve chosen this one to feature because it offers a fantastic UI. Scrolling through the advice cards in each category is incredibly fluid and all it takes is horizontal swipes. You can also save your favorite hacks by simply tapping the typical heart on each one, and easily access them later from the app’s main page.

Life Hacks Crumblyy

Life Hacks definitely hasn’t reinvented the wheel here, but instead, it organizes all its content in a way that makes you want to use the app. The biggest strength of the app is in its tremendous ease of use, including an option to share hacks with others with just a few taps of the screen. That said, I’ll let you all in on a little life hack of my own: the “hacks” you find are not the end-all truth and many of them are more than questionable. Memorize the ones you find the most useful and keep a wary eye out for ones that don’t quite sound right. Just like we’ve always done whenever we’ve come across lists with this type of information.

Life Hacks for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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