It’s been a while now since that old office IT myth – that is, that any suite different from Microsoft is more complicated and incompatible with your docs – collapsed under its own weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. After a surprise overtake of OpenOffice, LibreOffice has become the best freeware alternative when it comes to having an all-in-one for document management. Its new version 5.1 adds interesting changes and add-ons that refine all these concepts.


  • Improvements to the user interface: One of the aspects where LibreOffice has always been slack is in its user interface, especially the upper toolbar. In an attempt to fix this problem, the menus have been redesigned and modified for each of the suite elements: Style, Sheet, and Slide.
  • Interoperativity: The other task that’s been pending for a while is more than approved by us. The third-party file-reading format has been improved, as has extension detection when reproducing the files.
  • New spreadsheet functions: Lots of minor fixes, among which stands the option, long-awaiting by Microsoft Office expats, to insert rows or columns from the table’s own context menu.
  • Access to remote services: Working with documents directly from the cloud is a very common practice. Thus the interaction with these types of documents has been improved to be able to open them directly without going through intermediary access windows. Now Google Drive is there as one more of your local units.

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