The world of cinema apps for Android doesn’t have that many big names, but this appears set to change thanks to the rollout of the new Letterboxd app. One of the best social networks for discovering cinema and reviewing movies has just released an app for the Android ecosystem and we couldn’t be happier.

Letterboxd Android

Android users have been waiting for over a year for their due since the release of the iOS version – an inexplicable but still true fact. Luckily we can now be excited that we’ve finally got our own version of Letterboxd, an app that lets you enjoy the features of the web version in compact format. This is terrific news for movie buffs as it’d be hard to find a more comprehensive or better-designed site than Letterboxd.

Letterboxd Android

You browse through the app using the tabs up top, where you can see what films are trending, user reviews, or the famous lists that served to make Letterboxd so popular. You can go as in-depth as you wish, seeing detailed entries for all movies and each member of the cast.

But this app is way better if you log in – that way you can enjoy a ton more features. Besides rating movies, adding them to your Watchlist, or writing reviews, you can also access your profile, lists, friends… An excellent and tremendously smooth experience that brings this app closer to the desktop version.

Letterboxd Android

The Letterboxd app for Android has all the potential to become a proper point of reference for cinephiles. The site’s own team admits there’s still work to be done and a blog post outlines the following improvements set to roll out in later versions: viewing each user’s movie diary as well as your own and your friends’ activity feeds, filters and ordering of lists and searches, editing your lists… improvements we hope to see soon and that should delight all diehard movie buffs.

Letterboxd for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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