eBooks and eBook readers have made reading more accessible for tons of people and put many classic masterworks back into the mainstream. This is due to the fact that the oldest titles in the public domain can be downloaded with no problems of any kind. That said, it can sometimes be hard to find a decent version to read what with all the files with terrible layouts and editing floating around online. But today we’ve got a website that solves this problem for you: welcome to Standard Ebooks.

standard ebooks featured Legally download free eBooks with top-notch editorial quality

This eBook project is not only focused on housing an extensive database of free and legal eBooks but also makes an enormous effort to edit them with an aesthetic worthy of paid titles. This open-source and nonprofit website was put together solely to share the love of literature with the whole world. A tremendous feeling made material in every one of the eBooks available on the site.

Standard Ebooks is governed by its self-imposed quality standards that demand modern and consistent font (the site has its own Typography Manual for contributors), an exhaustive correction of spelling errors, updates to modern syntaxes, the inclusion of detailed metadata, and the use of the latest available eReader technology. Plus they include lovely cover images, which any reader can always appreciate.

standard ebooks screenshot Legally download free eBooks with top-notch editorial quality

Finding works with such high editorial values is really quite extraordinary when we’re talking about books in the public domain. The norm is for readers to have to deal with errors of all kinds and layouts that leave a great deal to be desired. For that reason we can’t shower enough praise on the labor of love being done by Standard Ebooks, which also has different formats to ensure that nobody is left without access to the books they want to read: epub, azw3, kepup, and epub3.

Don’t forget you can enjoy these eBooks on your Android in a super simple way as well. All the Standard Ebooks come in immaculate English, but if you’re looking for something in a different language you can check out the free and legal files at Project Gutenberg, though obviously these don’t boast the same editorial quality.

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  1. I’m also Standard Ebooks readers, it’s really a good website. And I’m totally surprised when I heard it’s a nonprofit website. Thanks, Standard Ebooks for running this.


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