Today we’re celebrating the arrival of Opera Max Version 3.0. This useful Android tool to help cut down on data drain has gotten lots of updates and now has a new UI to make your life much easier. Plus it’s added several upgrades that augment the app’s features – like an option to reduce data use on Facebook, that notorious resource succubus.

opera max data savings The latest version of Opera Max cuts down on Facebook's data use

We’ve talked before about how cool Opera Max is, but this new update makes it deserving of a bit more love. Among the numerous changes, the first that jumps out at you is the new design that makes use of browsing tabs on the bottom bar. Really makes you ask yourself why it hasn’t always been like that as browsing through this interface is now a much more organic experience.

Opera Max 3.0 has added a new little cards displaying WiFi and mobile data usage on all your apps, making it massively easier to block the apps that are draining your resources. Plus the app itself will advise you on how to reduce data consumption, which is always helpful. Something similar happens with the new feature designed just for Facebook: you’ll save up to 50% on data if you use the webapp version built into Opera Max. A terrific way to connect on Facebook when you don’t want to eat up your data allowance – especially considering how the official app churns through those megabytes.

opera max screenshot 1 eng The latest version of Opera Max cuts down on Facebook's data use

This new version of Opera Max also lets you browse more securely thanks to added layers of connection encryption and alerts of possible threats, which is basic when you’re browse on unsecured public WiFi networks.

More info | Opera Blog

Opera Max for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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