All this jazz about enriching your experiences by viewing additional info on your smartphone is all fine and good, but who wants to spend the entire day with their eyes glued to a screen? With this thought in mind, Kolobee was born, an interesting, free Android app whose purpose is to make use of your device’s geolocation system to tell you interesting historical details about a place while you walk around it.

There are tourism guides out the wazoo, but that’s not the point of Kolobee, which focuses more on offering a dynamic and precise experience than on compiling an enormous pool of content for you to drown in. Just as if it were game with geographic interaction (check out the peculiar world of Geocaching), the app invites you to tour a series of points of interest all around Spain (but it will be available worldwide soon) and offers you initially unapparent info while you do so. When you’re within 200 meters of the place in question, it will unlock a sting (“picadura” is what the app calls it) with a short description of the place expanded with photos.

kolobee 2 Kolobee tells the story of your city while you walk around

The most interesting thing about all this is that you don’t have to give the app a second thought, as it stays completely silent until you come upon a sting and get a notification for it on your home screen. At the moment it’s limited to Spain, although it’s continually adding new points of interest in more cities. Kolobee is a super interesting concept in these days of information overload and online banalities. It makes you excited to travel and enriches your experience with historic data that you might not know.

kolobee 1 Kolobee tells the story of your city while you walk around



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