Math can be boring for kids a lot of the time. However, it can be much more enjoyable, fun, and easy with the help of a smartphone. Today, we’re here with a collection of some of the the best apps for learning math at any age: from basic to more complex operations. From pre-school aged children learning to count, to older kids who are having a hard time keeping up in school.

Whatever the level or the age of the child, these kids apps are really entertaining options that make it easy to learn by playing at any time of the day.

Las mejores apps infantiles para aprender matemáticas

Little Panda’s Math Adventure

Games from BabyBus are geared toward children and always feature the happy little Baby Panda. In these apps, you’ll be able to learn basic concepts about a specific topic. In this case, it’s all about numbers. Little Panda’s Math Adventure is an app that doesn’t require you to know how to read in order to start learning the numbers and math operations. The interface is perfect for pre-school aged children: colors, pleasant and attractive drawings, and explanations read aloud so the child knows what needs to be done every step of the way.

In this app, the evil kings attack the Math Kingdom of BabyBus and destroy the five math islands. It’ll be up to you (or your child, that is) to solve basic math problems in order to rebuild buildings, the attractions, and breathe life back into the island. You’ll find problems and puzzles, number searches, colors and shapes, and simple addition and subtraction questions to get kids used to these types of math operations.

BabyBus Math - Apps infantiles para aprender matemáticas

It’s a great app for pre-school aged kids, with over 100 levels and all sorts of minigames available. The only downside to this app is that it has a lot of ads and this can be pretty inconvenient at times. [Download]

Little Panda Math Genius

Another game from BabyBus for learning math is Little Panda Math Genius. This app is different from the previous option and doesn’t offer as much variety in terms of exercises and problems. Basically, it aims to teach kids basic math operations with the help of cartoons and a pleasant interface. The child will earn points as they count and solve problems. Basically, it’s gamification the littlest members of the family.

Little Panda Math Genius

Little Panda Math Genius is probably one of the best options for helping children learn how to add and subtract on a smartphone. It’s a very simple game for all ages and offers various modes that are all very simple and visually appealing. [Download]

Kindergarten Math

In Kindergarten Math, your child gets to play an alien who wants to learn math. This is one of the best apps for learning math where you have to travel through planets solving all sorts of problems and minigames. Just like the rest of the apps like this, Kindergarten Math doesn’t require any reading in order to play, since all the explanations are made orally and have visual instructions. There are all sorts of levels and challenges to complete in order to get coins and rewards. 

As you advance in the game, you get money that you can invest in your alien: build it an apartment, decorate it, or buy it clothes to change its look. It’s a very entertaining and interesting game for all ages since it’s less childish looking than the previous ones on the list, but the math problems are still basic and simple. [Download]


Smartick is one of the best math apps and one of the most outstanding educational apps. It’s a really useful app for reviewing all sorts of content in just 15 minutes a day. You just have to create a child’s profile, select the age, and the app will adjust the content. Depending on whether you answer the questions correctly or not, Smartick will automatically adjust the math problems so that the child can advance without getting frustrated and without getting bored.

It’s a really interesting educational app where kids can receive awards as they advance and solve problems. Through your profile, you can access a character who will guide you through the topics and lessons. And parents have complete control over the progress made, whether they’ve completed their homework each day, etc.

Smartkick works in over 100 countries and has received international recognition for being one of the best educational apps. It’s useful, practical and efficient, since it only takes 15 minutes a day to improve math skills, reinforce lessons with games, and non-stop fun. [Download]

Todo Math

Todo Math is an interesting app since it adapts to your level as soon as it’s installed. You can manually choose the level you think is right or let the app figure out the appropriate level by taking a quiz. The game adapts to the knowledge and age of the child, making it one of the best math-learning app for kids.


In terms of the variety of mingames and activities, Todo Math is one of the most complete apps there is. You can learn to trace and write the numbers in the more basic levels, but there are also reasoning exercises, equations, complex puzzles, and measuring and data lessons. In each one of the activities, you can level up and complete more complicated problems while maintaining a similar gameplay. Without a doubt, this is a a fantastic app regardless of what the child needs extra practice doing. [Download]



Pirates are the characters featured in MathLand, another one of the best kids apps for learning math. This one is geared toward kids between the ages of five and six years old. With a buccaneer theme, you’ll have to solve basic math operations before the time runs out. As you play, you’ll unlock pirate islands to access different activities and options.

One of the most interesting features of this game is that it has an Adventure Mode where the pirate has to move through the islands, breaking objects and getting coins to advance as if it were a classic RPG. MathLand is much more attractive for kids if you’re looking for something more than simple minigames and activities. It’s an app that we recommend if you want a more complete and elaborate videogame than we’ve seen so far on this list. Through math operations and problems, the little pirate can advance, unlock land, and get keys that will open doors in order to continue on the adventure. [Download]

MathLand - Apps infantiles para aprender matemáticas

Math vs Undead

This is a great option for older kids to hone their math skills. The gameplay in Math vs Undead is simple: each time you solve a problem correctly, your character will throw a weapon at the zombies and will kill one of them. As you go on completing problems correctly, you’ll kill more and more zombies and make sure they don’t get close enough to eat you. There’s no real mystery behind this game, so all you have to do is solve problems and level up. That said, it’s a nice and fun way to review math problems in your free time.

Apps infantiles para aprender matemáticas - Math Undeath

Just like in any other game, as you solve problems and kill zombies, you’ll level up. The higher the level, the stronger the zombies, so you’ll need to solve more than one problem and shoot multiple times to defeat them. You’ll find addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. [Download]


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