The level of fiddliness you can reach with your Android device depends entirely on, well, how much interest you have in fiddling. Putting a number on just how many people want to manage even the tiniest details on their smartphones is beyond us, but we do know there’s a ton of apps available for that purpose. SystemPanel 2 is an inveterate tool for monitoring smartphone settings. This useful app just got a complete revamp in its second version and for ‘heavy’ users it’s sure to offer a real trip.

systempanel 2 featured Keep an eye on your smartphone settings with SystemPanel 2

SystemPanel is a proper classic: it’s been out of the media limelight on the swirl of Android content for a while now, but its return is taking users by storm with the tons of changes it brings along. Not only has the interface received a huge facelift, but now you can access all features without paying for them. The UI has a new Material Design look and in terms of the business model now there’s just a unobtrusive little banner. And in any case if the banner bothers you, which obviously it won’t, you can decide to pay for the PRO version, which exists solely to remove that banner. And help the developers, obviously, which is always a good thing.

What SystemPanel 2 does is display all sorts of stuff about your Android settings in various different tools. The first thing that jumps out at you when you open the app is the system panel detailing a bunch of data: from direct control of resource consumption by your open processes to monitoring of your internal components. You’ve got detailed info on all aspects of your device and the installed apps. And navigating around the info couldn’t be more intuitive: one tap to go into what you want to see and another tap to go out, this time on the Return button. Impossible to be easier or simpler.

SystemPanel 2

All the data that the app collects stay saved so you can compare them over time. And besides serving as a powerful data monitor, SystemPanel 2 also has a button to automatically shut down processes running in the background that aren’t useful. This helpful resource frees up memory on your phone.

SystemPanel 2 Android

Though all the available features are free, there are a few that you can’t access if you’re not a root user, which the developer itself advises to do for any device running Android 7.0 or higher due to the restrictions in those versions. SystemPanel 2 is still in beta, though that won’t stop you from enjoying its potential. An essential app for anyone who wants to keep their smartphone data on hand at all times.

SystemPanel 2 for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


  1. I’d like to do the downloads for the Uptodown apk. And download all the apps attached. Will this give me virus? It’s really cool! I think I’d like APK open source pks. I’m not good with technology but I’m learning.


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