There are games out there that can keep you hooked for dozens of hours—which means you need to treat very well the files containing your precious games in order to avoid losing all your progress. In the case of modern consoles, managing this is usually quite straightforward, but on PC the story is rather different, since—except in specific cases like the Steam Cloud service—the most common thing is to have to rummage through all your subfolders and save your games manually. No more of that nonsense now, though, with the free tool GameSave Manager.


It’s actually quite surprising how complete this freeware program is. Once you’ve downloaded and run it in Administrator Mode (it requires no prior installation), the program will proceed to scan your hard drive in search of the games you have installed, regardless of whether they are titles downloaded through services like Origin or Steam or in folders scattered around your machine. In fact, you’ll even find saved  games that you no longer have on your hard drive but that have left temporary files lying around somewhere.


The program’s main menu offers you several options. The Backup mode is the primary service, where you can make backup copies of all your saved games, meaning that if you have to format your computer or migrate all your content to another machine, the task will be much easier and you won’t forget anything hidden in some remote corner of your hard drive. Once the file scan has finished, you’ll see a list with all the titles for which you can extract saved games; you can select the ones you want and specify the size of the file to be saved.

You can choose a destination folder for the saved files, and, best of all, schedule tasks to automate this entire process, so that you can set the application to launch automatically and carry out the whole procedure at designated intervals. But that’s not all: if you use a cloud file hoster like Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive, you can sync your games there and store all of them remotely.


The program’s compatibility list is enormous, currently topping 2,345 games, and covering a huge array of genres and types: from commercial titles to free alternative games, including most of the Steam catalog and Games for Windows LIVE, and even emulation platforms like ScummVM. Also, using a simple customization menu, you can create your own entries so that GameSave Manager will detect games that can’t find on the compatibility list.

Besides being able to save temporary versions, if for some reason one of your games is corrupted (which unfortunately happens quite regularly in the world of PC gaming), you can restore games that have been backed up in a way quite similar to how the Windows restore feature works.

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