Streaming audiovisual content through online platforms has become the standard for most of the world. “Netflix and chill” has crossed borders and has created a new way to watch movies and series that we’re all used to by now. The problem is when you have multiple paid platforms available for watching content online: it’s not always easy to figure out which one you need to use in order to watch specific content. Especially when you’re not subscribed to their services yet. That’s where JustWatch comes in. It’s a must-have tool that lets you discover which online platform to subscribe to in order to watch the movies and shows you want to see.


Basically, this Android app works like a big search engine. After entering your location and the streaming platforms you’re interested in, paid or not, you can use the search bar to find out where to find the latest hit series. The choice of location is important, considering that online platforms change a lot depending on where you live. The useful interface in JustWatch lets you filter content into different categories, as well as discover the latest new additions to the streaming services you’ve selected.


Not only will you discover where to find the movies you want to watch, it will also show the prices of each service so you can compare the cost of the different providers. The app isn’t affiliated with anyone, leaving the choice completely up to the user.

In addition to searching for anything you can think of, it also has a “Watchlist” that lets you create lists of series and movies you’re interested in. This means you can quickly access them to see what streaming platform they’re found on. This is incredibly useful to decided between one service or another, but it’s also great if you just want to avoid wasting time searching through each and every service individually: anyone who has subscriptions to multiple services will appreciate this feature for sure.


There’s no doubt that JustWatch will make life easier for anyone who watches content online. It works like a sort of streaming billboard with access to all the platforms available in your region. It’s a must-have app whether you’re subscribed to multiple platforms or if you just want help deciding which one best adapts to your needs.

JustWatch for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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