It’s all the rage these days to share one’s life over digital media. There’s nowhere to hide, and it almost seems like there has to be social-network proof of one’s existence for it to be truly valid. In this rather desolate landscape there are a few hold-outs who prefer to withdraw into a personal diary to keep a log of the accumulated experiences of their daily lives. Journey is a free app whose pretensions are confined to exactly that: a multiplatform digital diary that lets you catalogue your posts and enrich them with locations and multimedia material.

The app lets you insert content from both your mobile device and a browser via the URL, synching all your content over Google Drive if you associate your account. The appeal of the system is that it can be as versatile as your own methods of posting content, and boosted by an array of tools to enrich each entry.


The diary itself lets you store entries chronologically, and later search for them in the integrated calendar or by the tags that you can associate with each post. You can also include the location of the entry, images, videos, and emojis as well as curiosities like automatic notes on whether the entry was written on the move or at a fixed location, and the weather at the time it was published.



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