The mobility provided by smartphones and tablets allows you to do lots of different digital activities in atypical environments. Writers and other people who work with extensive texts are in constant need of inspiration, and this perk of portability is a good way to find it. JotterPad is a minimalist word processor for Android that’s perfect for those purposes.

We’ve already talked here about these kinds of tools for Windows, such as OmmWriter and WriteMonkey. JotterPad preserves their emphasis on a minimalist interface and basic setup options. The tool’s main menu lets you catalogue all your drafts in the form of cards and the editor itself is little more than a blank page. That said, it has a second layer of very interesting features.

jotterpad screenshot 2 JotterPad, an Android word processor for writers

JotterPad includes a character and word counter, as well as an indicator for writing time, something that professional bloggers and journalists will appreciate. It has a text chain searcher, a nocturnal mode that inverts the colors, and a search bar that superimposes a small Google window over the text to do searches without leaving the app. It also has options to place markers and undo over several steps, as well as compatibility with Bluetooth keyboards (and obviously with those connected via USB).

At the level of reading and exporting, it can convert your texts to PDF, TXT, Docx, RTF, and plain text, and you can sync all your creations to your Dropbox. It also imports text in most standard codes.

jotterpad screenshot 1 JotterPad, an Android word processor for writers

The basic version of JotterPad is free and fully functional, although there’s a premium edition that offers extra features like the ability to use markdown syntax or add different styles to view text, among other features.



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